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Ninja Hero Cats 1.1.1

Ninja Hero Cats 1.1.1 Free Download

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Don’t mess with the Ninja Cats


Cats, those lovely animals that have conquered the Internet thanks to their cuteness, have decided to start a new adventure on the ninja side of life. Ninja Hero Cats is an action adventure game in which you will play as one of 5 ninja cats in a crew, fighting against multidimensional monsters that have stolen your food. The game has been developed by HandyGames to download for mobile devices such as the tablet or an Android or iOS system smartphone.

The setting for the game is very simple, without no use for any further excuse than your food being stolen; you take a group of deadly ninja cats to recover it. During your journey, you will find different kinds of enemies such as animated fireballs with eyes, tentacles that try to get you or fishy bosses that will try to stop you with powerful attacks. For a touch of irony, the enemies mostly are sea creatures such as sea horses or octopuses placed on islands from which you will loot the goldfish items they drop once they are defeated.

During your journey, you will find different kinds of enemies such as animated fireballs with eyes, tentacles that try to get you or fishy bosses that will try to stop you with powerful attacks

As for the visual part, Ninja Hero Cats offers a cartoonish design with vivid environments and good animations. This aspect looks really nice, and it is fully optimized for tablet devices. The group of charming cats moves as a unit, but they are animated individually, making some of them to jump while their partners are running forward.

Get rid of the bosses
Get rid of the bosses

How to play

Your ninja cat group will attack anything in their path, but you will count with different kinds of skills and basic attacks. You can opt to make use of your throwing stars for ranged attacks or to swing the samurai swords. However, where this game stands out is in the additional abilities. You can make use of your feline parkour skills with a powerful dash, leave a fire trail behind you or even unleash the fearsome power of the catzilla.

Ninja Hero Cats features a simple way for upgrading your skills with the fish you collect during the different stages. In case you don’t want to rely on that, you can purchase pearls, the in-app currency, but the game does not require spending money on those, unless you want to. Bsides, during the game you can get some free pearls for power-ups and to resurrect the cats you have lost.

Although the gameplay is specially designed for smartphone and tablet touchscreens, the game is compatible with external devices such as control pads in case you feel more comfortable that way without the download of additional software. As a good detail, when you complete a stage you will collect a fortune cookie that will offer you new advice, but remember that curiosity killed the cat.

Ninja Hero Cats 1.1.1 Features

Check the main features of this App for Android and iOS smartphone or tablet:

  • Take back your food from an alternative dimension by fighting against all kinds of fish and sea monsters
  • Upgrade your skills and make your cat crew a fearsome ninja group with fire trails and powerful dashes
  • Local multiplayer game mode available for the tablet version of the App using the same device
  • Great variety of weapons to fight with such as flying pizzas, throwing stars, heavy fridges and the possibility of unleashing the catzilla
  • Especially designed for touchscreens but also compatible with external game pad controllers

For additional details before the download, feel free to check the official website through the following link.

System Requirements

Check out the official system requirements for this App on your mobile device:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 installed, Android 2.3 or later
  • Size: 44MB free space

free download


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